So I had a weird issue, where whenever I tried to download a ISO locally using the datastore browser via the VI Client or Web Client… would just fail.

It would fail on some other ISOs too, but on others it was fine.

I even tried using WinSCP to copy it across it failed with a similar error too, I thought this was bizarre as I had never come across it before.

So after doing a bit of digging and looking at forum posts, I ran the script below to see what VMs had ISOs mounted to them:

VMs with a mounted ISO file as a CD/DVD drive

Get-VM | FT Name, @{Label=”ISO file”; Expression = { ($_ | Get-CDDrive).ISOPath }}

This ISO was mounted to one VM, so I went into the VM and ejected the disc from the OS, still leaving it configured in the VM settings.

I then tried downloading it locally from the browser and it worked beautifully!


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