So I configured this up a while ago and all of a sudden I was getting an error:


There is a problem with a FRU. (FRU type: disk, enclosure: 1, device ID: 21, vendor: , product ID: , SN: , version: , related event serial number: B7959, related event code: 55) EVENT ID:#B7960 EVENT CODE:314 EVENT SEVERITY:Error EVENT TIME:2015-10-26 12:09:53

This would normally indicate a failed disk, but I logged in and had a look, it was perfectly fine, and I went to have a look at the physical array and all was well. So I was like WTF!

After doing some research (via google of course!) It appeared to be a controller firmware issue. I then examined the actual firmware on the controllers and lets just say they were very out of date! Ours was TS200!

HP recommends upgrading HP P2000 G3 MSA storage to firmware version TS252R007 and other application software that may be compatible. See the firmware release notes for all firmware updates.

Upgrade all your HP P2000 G3 MSA arrays to TS250 or later firmware version before going with TS252 flashing. For arrays on earlier versions of firmware, upgrade to TS230P008 first and then TS250P002 before upgrading to TS252R007.

I managed to flash TS201R015.bin via the web GUI, but TS230P008.bin wouldn’t do that, it kept saying it had to be done via FTP for some strange reason.

So after some digging around I managed to source how to do it via FTP, the info isn’t that easy to come by.

Open a command prompt (Windows) or a terminal window (UNIX), and navigate to the directory containing the firmware file to load.

  1. Enter a command using the following syntax:ftp <controller-network-address>. (For example: ftp
  2. Log in as an FTP user (user = ftp, password = !ftp).
  3. Enter a command using the following syntax:put <firmware-file> flashwhere <firmware-file> represents the binary firmware file name.

This will set off the update for that controller, remember you will have login to the other controller to do the same once the first one has completed and up and running again.

Also a point of note the controller firmware difference between A and B can only be 2 revisions apart for compatibility.There was no explanation about why that particular version HAD to be done via FTP!

You can get the .bin files from the windows install file, it extracts them to a folder and you can navigate to it and get them from there.

Now that I was at TS230P008 :

I was able to upgrade to TS250P002 via the web client again and then finally to TS252R007:
The error was no longer coming up, and all is well in the world!

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