So I had a VM that had a notification, saying that it needed disk consolidation. I found this odd as it didn’t actually have any snapshot, well none that I could see.

I did try the trick, of creating a new snapshot and them doing a delete all, but that finished with no issues, but I was still unable to consolidate the disk.

Status: An error occurred while consolidating disks: Could not open/create change tracking file

After looking around what I did was:


  • Shutdown the VM
  • Create a temp folder in the VM folder on the datastore
  • Move the CTK files into the temporary folder.  The files names will look like this “*-ctk.vmdk”
  • Right click the VM and select snapshot and then select consolidate

As you can see I had quite a few to contend with:



This will now work and you are good to go. The ctk files are used for change block tracking, during snapshot/backups and they can go a bit dodgy every so often



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