When I was trying to do a rescan using the SRA in SRM I came across this error:

SRA command ‘discoverDevices’ failed. Error running command on Enterprise Manager [Command: discoverDevices] [Error: StorageCenterError – Error getting ” Volume ” from SC [SN: 23,424 ] [Name: Storage Center 2 – Aberford Production ] (” IO Exception communicating with the Storage Center: No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): connect “)]

I checked the Enterprise Manager logs for error details:

No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?)

I had a look at netstat:


as you can see from the screenshot, the max amount of sockets had been reached

After doing some digging, it appears its a knowing issue on 2008 r2 and there is a hot fix:




I downloaded the hot fix and applied it to both my primary and secondary data collectors, as they both run 2008 r2. As always I took a snapshot first and then applied the hotfix.

The issues has not come back since!

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