So I was tasked with cloning a VM and I got this error:
I then came across this:
Cloning a virtual machine and removing the virtual Distributed Switch backed network adapter fails in VMware vCenter Server 5.1 with the error: The resource ‘X’ is in use (2064681)
The thing is I am using 5.5u3b, but the VDS was still set to 5.1.
It mentioned that it was a VDS issue, so I had a look at the source VM and look at the port its using:
As you can see its 10800 which matches the error.
Obviously you cant clone it to use the same port as the source as its already in use, clearly this was a glitch, now the KB says its impacts 5.1 but I am on 5.5, but this VM was using 5.1 hardware and 5.1 tools and the VDS was 5.1 too.
So anyway the best course of action was to remove the NIC during customisation and add a new NIC in at the same time into the same port groups etc, this will assign it a new port.
You could always click switch to advanced settings and put in a port number that you know is not in use (check VDS > Ports for whats free), but its just simpler to remove and add a new vNIC at the same time.
Since this happened the VDS has been upgraded to 5.5, and I haven’t come across this issue since

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